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Social media marketing enables businesses to efficiently and affordably reach their target audience with engaging content, building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. By leveraging social media platforms, businesses can effectively target their ideal customers and communicate with them in real-time, establishing meaningful relationships and driving leads and sales. Social media advertising options can be customized to fit any budget, making it a cost-effective way to achieve marketing goals and drive business growth.
Use email marketing to expand and monetize your contact list, allowing you to create personalized connections with your target audience. By leveraging the power of email, businesses can build deeper relationships with their subscribers and communicate in a more targeted, relevant way. This approach not only helps to grow the size of a business's contact list, but also increases the potential for conversions and sales. With the right email marketing strategy, businesses can build customer loyalty, increase engagement, and drive revenue growth.
We can assist you in realigning your social media marketing efforts with your business objectives and optimizing your social media accounts. By taking a strategic approach, businesses can ensure that their social media presence is working towards their specific goals, whether it be increasing brand awareness, driving leads, or boosting sales. Through a combination of content optimization, audience targeting, and analytics tracking, businesses can refine their social media strategy to achieve the desired results. Our expertise in social media marketing can help businesses refocus their efforts, improve performance, and ultimately drive growth.
Our expertise can aid you in developing your brand identity, by identifying your target audience, selecting the most effective marketing platforms, establishing brand elements, and defining your brand voice. A strong brand identity is critical for building customer loyalty, creating a recognizable presence, and differentiating from competitors. By working closely with businesses, we can help them define their brand personality, messaging, and design elements to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. Our comprehensive approach to brand development can provide businesses with the clarity and direction they need to succeed in a crowded marketplace.
Marketing collateral can be an effective sales support tool that helps businesses promote their brand message and maintain a consistent brand story across various platforms. By creating and distributing marketing materials, businesses can ensure that their target audience receives a consistent and cohesive message that supports their brand identity. From brochures and flyers to digital ads and social media posts, marketing collateral can help businesses reach their audience and drive engagement. Our expertise in marketing collateral can assist businesses in developing effective materials that communicate their value proposition, showcase their products or services, and differentiate from competitors, ultimately supporting their sales efforts and driving business growth.


These packages are designed to offer business owners who wish to handle their marketing in-house all the benefits and guidance without the monthly commitment.

Social Media Starter Pack: $500

Establishing a strong online presence is crucial for businesses, and the first step is creating professional social media accounts. Our services can help you set up or optimize your social media profiles, including creating or auditing your profiles, crafting optimized bios, selecting appropriate images that align with your brand, and providing a detailed content calendar for your use. Whether you prefer to continue working with us on one of our social media packages or manage your profiles independently, our social media starter pack will provide you with a clear strategy for success. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses have a strong foundation for their social media presence, enabling them to effectively engage with their audience and achieve their marketing goals.

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Brand Development Starter Pack: $700

Let us assist you in discovering and defining your brand voice and personality. Our brand identity package includes a custom logo design, a comprehensive brand guidelines booklet, and essential brand designs such as business cards and email signatures. By working closely with you, we can help you define your brand messaging, tone, and visual identity, ensuring that your brand consistently communicates its unique personality and resonates with your target audience. Our brand identity package can provide businesses with a cohesive and memorable brand presence that stands out in a crowded marketplace, helping to drive customer loyalty and business growth.

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Independence Pack: $1350

Having unique and custom designs that align with your brand is essential to achieving a professional and authentic look on your social media platforms. For business owners who prefer to remain hands-on with their social media accounts but need a little boost, our Independence Pack offers a cost-effective solution. This package includes various designs that can be edited as desired using Adobe Photoshop, enabling businesses to create a visually appealing and cohesive social media feed that attracts their desired audience. Businesses will receive a personalized color palette and font suite, as well as eight customizable post templates and a tailored content calendar with a layout plan. Our Independence Pack is an excellent option for businesses that require a jumpstart in their social media presence and do not need long-term assistance. It can help businesses create a strong foundation for their social media presence and achieve their marketing goals in a cost-effective manner.

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Consistency is the key to success on social media, making content planning and scheduling the most important job.

With our social media packages, tailored to each unique business, we will provide you with a holistic brand management experience.

These packages include the planning and scheduling of your posts, management of your daily community and engagement, running paid ads (at an additional costs) and providing you with a monthly report.

Choose your package (minimum of 6 months):

Essential: $700

8 Posts p/m

Up to 2 Platforms

Monthly Reporting

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Standard: $900

12 Posts p/m

Up to 3 Platforms

Monthly Reporting

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Premium: $1100

16 Posts p/m

Up to 4 Platforms

Monthly Reporting

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About Us

We are a professional social media marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence.

Welcome to our professional Social Media Marketing Agency. At CB Media Managers, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of digital marketing, specifically in social media management.

Our agency was founded by a team of professionals with high ambitions for the future of your business. We have a deep understanding of how social media can help businesses grow, and we're passionate about using that knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals.

At CB Media Managers, we offer a range of services to help businesses of all sizes improve their online presence. Our team specializes in creating and implementing social media strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. From managing social media profiles to running paid advertising campaigns, we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals and drive results to a higher level.

We understand that social media can be a complex and ever-changing landscape. That's why our team stays up to date with the latest trends and best practices to ensure that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

At CB Media Managers, we're not just a marketing agency. We're a partner in your success. We work closely with our clients to build strong relationships and deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive in the digital age.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals through innovative and effective social media strategies. CB Media Mangers is a social media marketing agency committed to helping businesses grow in the digital world. We believe that social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and build lasting relationships. Our mission is to deliver measurable results that exceed our clients' expectations through creative and effective social media strategies.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced social media professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses succeed online. They possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize social media platforms and tools, create compelling content, and analyze performance metrics. Their passion for achieving positive results motivates them to take a personalized approach to social media marketing, tailoring their strategies to the unique needs and goals of each business they work with. As a result, they are highly effective at driving engagement, building brand awareness, and increasing sales and revenue for their clients.

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